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Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics, is the exclusive distributor of a number of brands within Saudi Arabia. Our brands extend across Air Conditioning, Home Appliances & Electronics. Within Electronics we represent some of Japan’s well known brands: Toshiba, Sharp and Dora. To complement our Japanese portfolio our exclusivity includes well known American brands which include White Westinghouse, Rheem and Westinghouse. It is well know that Europe too has great innovative companies thus at Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics, we are also have exclusive arrangements with Mekar, from Italy and Bosch Home Appliances from Germany. Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics, also is a main stockist for Apple and Samsung Mobiles.
Established in 1873, Toshiba has developed numerous pioneering electrical and electronics products that have been the one of the first in Japan or anywhere in the world. Today Toshiba is focused in growing their business in MENAT region with the main emphasis on creating the World’s first and No.1 products and services in a complex and competitive environment. Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics has strived to ensure that this Japanese brand holds a strong position within Saudi Arabia in the key areas of Air Conditioning, Home Appliances and Computing.
The innovation of Sharp is second to none, beginning first in 1915, when the founder invented the world’s first mechanical pencil. Today that innovation continues, harnessing originality and creativity in the pursuit of convenience and quality for today’s consumer. Their most recent Innovation of the World’s First 8K Resolution TV – continues to demonstrate the ingenuity of Sharp, a leading Japanese Brand. Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics continues to be at the forefront of LED TV technology with the support of their partners, Sharp.
A relative new brand to the Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics portfolio, Dora, has strong niche within Japan and plays an important role within R&D in the Consumer Electronics sector. This commitment to research plays an important role for Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics as a leading brand in Saudi Arabia it is important to deliver innovative products to the Saudi Consumer.


For over 95 years White Westinghouse has been a cornerstone of the America’s Home Appliance industry. This vast experience of creating one the world’s best range of home appliances has been brought to Saudi Arabia by Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics. Today White Westinghouse is known in Saudi Arabia as brand that is innovative, outstanding quality and excellent value for money.
From 1910 the Electrolux has been developing a wide range of products with their first Vacuum Cleaner produced in 1912. From 1919 the Electrolux brand was introduced to millions of consumers in Western Europe. Headquartered in Sweden Electrolux products include refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, cookers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners and small domestic appliances. The Group is the only appliance manufacturer in the world to offer complete solutions for both consumers and professionals.
Founded in 1925, Rheem’s follows one core idea to help your family enjoy a new degree of comfort with solutions for all seasons. This simple formula has proved to be a valuable formula in Saudi Arabia and with Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics, we are bring to our Customers some of the finest range of cooling products for both Consumers and Businesses.
Since 1886, Westinghouse has brought the best to life. From the first all-electric kitchen appliances, capturing the moon walk for viewers back on Earth to Ultra-High Efficiency Commercial Air Conditioners Westinghouse is a leading brand in the USA. Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics, has ensured that for Saudi Customer only the best names in Home Appliances, Electronics and Air Conditioning are available from Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics.
Established in 1886 Bosch is brand that is renowned throughout the World for its quality, precision and attention to detail, ensuring that every Bosch product meets the Bosch standards of quality as set by the founder Robert Bosch. As one of Saudi Arabia’s leading Home Appliance retailer and suppliers, it was important the Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics that we bring to Saudi Arabia one of the giants in Home Appliances to the Saudi Consumer. Today Bosch Dishwashers are the No.1 Dishwasher in Saudi Arabia.
For over twenty five years the Italian Company, Mekar have been manufacturing a wide range of air handling equipment. From Central ACs systems to Water Handling solutions. Understanding the air conditioning needs of businesses is key to Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics, that is why we believe Mekar is one of the best providers of the high quality range of air and water handling products.
Established in 1968 in Japan, Alpine were the first pioneers in 8-track technology and creating the foundation for in-car entertainment. The company slowly expanded into the Europe and North America, opening up subsidiaries in key markets. By 1988 they were listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, investing heavily into R&D; they established themselves a s leading innovative supplier of state-of-the-art electronics for automobiles. Today they are expanding into Mobile App linked In-Car Entertainment systems allowing consumers to get the most of their In-Car Entertainment and Smartphones.