• Food Preparation

    Every kitchen need a range of small appliances to make enhance their creative cooking skills. Our range of Small Appliances by Bosch, ensures quality at a great prices all supported by a two year warranty.

  • Food Processor & Blenders

    Our extensive range of Blenders and Food Processors will ensure that you have the best options available for your kitchen.
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  • Hand Blenders

    Choose from a range of Hand Blenders all from Bosch. You will find an excellent selection with great versatility.
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  • Juicers & Blenders

    Keeping the family healthy is always challenging but with our range of Juicers your imagination is the only thing stopping you from creating the perfect Juice combination.
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  • Hand Mixers

    Making hard tasks as easy a possible always help especially in the Kitchen. Our range of Hand Mixers will quickly create the perfect mixture whether it is for the main meal or desserts.
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  • Kitchen Machines

    Today Kitchen Machines are essential appliance in any Kitchen. This versatile appliance ensures that you every culinary expert has the tight tools to create their kitchen cuisine. All manufactured by Bosch quality is unsurpassed.
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  • Mincers & Choppers

    Make light work of simple tasks allows more time in the Kitchen. Our range of Mincers and Choppers are affordable but durable, choose the best quality from Bosch and Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics.
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  • Microwaves & Grills

    Our range of Microwaves, Grills and Toasters are great value and quality. Choose from Bosch, Sharp or Dora with a wide variety of colors and options.

  • Microwave Ovens

    With multiple options from Defrost to high power Microwaves, our range is one of the best available today. Choose from Sharp or Dora all supported by a two year warranty.
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  • Toasters

    Choose from a great range of Toasters all made by Bosch, whether it is two slice or four slice options you can find all here.
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  • Coffee Machines & Kettles

    Enjoying the perfect tea or coffee is all important in today’s hectic lifestyle. Our range of Bosch Kettles, Coffee and Espresso Machines are great quality and long lasting.

  • Coffee & Espresso Machines

    Select from one of the best manufacturers, Bosch, you will be astounded by the quality of these machines.
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  • Kettles

    Choose from a wide range of kettles in a variety of colors to ensure that you have the perfect complement to any kitchen.
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  • Home & Living

    Our range of products from the Home will ensure that all the essentials are easily found. Choose from great brands such as Dora, Bosch and Sharp. From Vacuum Cleaners to Oil Radiators you will find a complimentary range of products ideal for every home.

  • Water Dispensers

    Whether it is Top Loading or Bottom loading you can find the best range of Water dispensers only from Abdul Latif Jameel Electronics.
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  • Irons

    Our range of Irons will meet the needs of any demanding family, from dry irons to powerful steam irons, find the best solution and all from Bosch.
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  • Scales

    Keep track of your weight with simple and clear scales. Modern and smart these scales will complement any Bathroom.
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  • Vacuum Cleaners

    With so much variety of floor types it is important to have access to range of Vacuums that will meet every ones needs. Choose from a wide range; Bagless, Drum, Canister or Wet / Dry you can find an excellent range from Bosch, Dora and Sharp.
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