LG Instaview Side by Side Refrigerator 617L with Water Dispenser and WiFi Silver


LG Instaview Side by Side Refrigerator 617L with Water Dispenser and WiFi Silver

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The LG InstaView Side by Side Refrigerator is the perfect way to keep your food fresh and delicious. With its InstaView Door-in-Door feature, you can simply knock twice on the glass to illuminate the interior without opening the door, so you can see what's inside without letting out all the cold air. The LINEARCooling system helps to keep your food fresher for longer by maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the fridge, while the DoorCooling+ system provides even cooling throughout the door shelves. The UVnano water dispenser helps to keep your water clean and fresh by killing bacteria, and the FRESHBalancer system helps to maintain the optimal humidity levels in the crisper drawers. The LG InstaView Side by Side Refrigerator also comes with a built-in Wi-Fi connection, so you can control it with your smartphone or tablet.

It packed with features that will make your life easier, and it's stylish enough to complement any kitchen.

Knock Twice & See Inside

Knock twice and see 23% more of what's inside with the latest generation of InstaView ThinQ.

Refresh Your Dispenser Nozzle Every Day

Automatically reduce *99.99% of bacteria from the water nozzle with UV light.

Seals in Farm Freshness Longer

LINEARCooling reduces temperature fluctuations, locking in the flavor of fresh for up to 7 days.

Linear Cooling

Delivers Freshness Evenly & Faster

Drinks are colder and food stays fresher with the even and faster performance of DoorCooling+.

Level Up the Freshness with Optimal Humidity

Maintain optimal humidity to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for longer.

Store More with More Interior Space

Enjoy plenty of room to store all your food and beverages that doesn't crowd your kitchen.