Toshiba Top Load Washer 13.5KG With UFB Wash Glass Lid SDD Inverter Black

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Toshiba Top Load Washer 13.5KG With UFB Wash Glass Lid SDD Inverter Black

Item Code: AW-DUK2215WUPBB(SK)
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TOSHIBA’s Most Fine Quality Top Load Washing, AW-DUK2215WUPBB(SK) is equipped with superior innovative technology and convenient design. The special feature Duo-Active Roller enhances clothes movement, prevents clothes from tangling. While One Touch Button system displaced on a newly designed panel makes laundry quick and easy with convenient washing options. Powered with stronger SDD Inverter Motor saves electricity by reducing power wastage during washing process in combination with highly accurate sensor system.


Removing dirt and stains that are engrained into the fabric is one of the big challenges washing machines face. Toshiba's unique Ultra Fine Bubble technology is designed to generate nano-sized air bubbles that are 10 to 200 times smaller than standard fabric gaps. The bubbles penetrate deep into the fabric to removes stubborn dirt and stains and leave your laundry clean and refreshed.



For a long time, handwash has always been considered as the best method to achieve optimal laundry results. Toshiba has developed the DUO Active Roller technology to provide the same scrubbing effect of handwash without any of the hassle. The innovation is designed to create powerful agitation to remove dirt and stains.



The next generation of Direct Drive Motor is the S-DD Inverter Motor 48. Thanks to a new magnet named Neodymium, the technology is more powerful and energy-saving than the DD Inverter Motor, delivering superior energy efficiency, minimal noise and long-lasting performance with outstanding durability. Additionally, the S-DD feature is low in noise, high in accuracy, powerful and fast in rotation, less consuming in energy, and thin and lightweight in size.