LG Top Freezer Refrigerator 254L Inverter White


LG Top Freezer Refrigerator 254L Inverter White

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Even Cooling in Any Time

Steady, even temperature in every time is core indicator to freshness. LINEAR Cooling™ makes temperature fluctuation within ±0.5℃.

LG linearCooling

Optimal Moisture Level

Excess moisture from food evaporates and then condenses on the lattice, thus maintaining the right balance of moisture in the box up to 20% more.

LG Balance Crisper

Efficient Energy Saving

Thanks to LG's Inverter Linear Compressor, ensuring market leading efficiency by using less components than conventional compressors. Hence, Inverter Linear Compressor has less friction points, making less noise.

LG liEnergySaving

Easy Storage

You can easily take out and move the ice tray whenever you need more freezer space.

LG IceMaker