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Bringing World-Class Brands Home

The MENAT region is emerging as one of the world’s major consumer hubs.

This is creating an increasing demand for a broad range of consumer products, including consumer electronics and household appliances for a youthful, connected and technology oriented population.

Distribution and Retailing

We distribute and retail a wide and growing range of consumer electronics, home appliances and air-conditioning products.

We represent renowned international brands including Toshiba, Sharp, White-Westinghouse, Dora, and Hisense, as a trusted long term business partner.

In addition to distribution, we also showcase a comprehensive range of these products in our own high-tech retail showrooms, alongside premium technology products such as tablets and smartphones from powerful brands like Apple, and offer a complete customer service.

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retail showrooms across Saudi Arabia

Logistics Business Sector

distribution partner alliances


"Revenue [in the Saudi Arabian Consumer Electronics sector] is expected to show a compound annual growth rate of 11.7 % resulting in a market volume of US$ 1.9bn in 2021"

Statista GmbH, 2017


E-commerce is growing in Saudi Arabia. Online transactions are expected to more than double by 2019, as consumers further embrace electronic payment methods.

To support this shift in behavior, and to meet consumer demand, we’ve launched an e-commerce portal, providing comprehensive online solutions to customers in Saudi Arabia. We are forming strategic alliances with leading online retailers in the MENAT region, as part of our plan to become one of the largest e-commerce providers in Saudi Arabia and beyond. Learn more about our consumer products here.

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e-commerce users in Saudi Arabia, with a market valued at SAR 17.2bn

TV On Stand

transactions to double over the next five years in Saudi

"The MENA region represents the fastest growing e-commerce region worldwide with an estimated 45% year on year increase."

Visa Middle East

Commercial Solutions

Keeping pace with changes in technologies, we provide the highest quality products and consulting solutions for businesses to meet their IT, security systems, audio-visual, and broadcasting needs.

The technical strength of our engineers helps us handle even the smallest details with precision, while our sales and support teams work tirelessly to provide an excellent customer experience.

We also design, supply, and install technology-enabled air-conditioning solutions including ducted splits, packaged units, variable refrigerant flow, and chilled water for commercial applications. Leveraging our strategic alliances with manufacturers, we also offer technology consulting for large installations and systems integration.


AC/AV solutions for the commercial sector, from design to installation

On the Horizon

We’re evaluating e-commerce opportunities in the region to broaden our product offering in information technology, audio visual, broadcasting, and security systems.

Through these expanding retail channels and product lines, and with the benefit of progressive finance and incentive plans, we’re striving to improve the quality of life for our customers.

Saudi Arabia

fastest growing e-commerce market globally, followed by UAE and Egypt

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US$ 777bn

global smartphone sales revenues estimated in 2017