Toshiba Front Load Washer 7KG 1200 RPM Real Inverter Digital Display White

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Toshiba Front Load Washer 7KG 1200 RPM Real Inverter Digital Display White

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This gorgeous Toshiba TW-BK80S2BB(WK) front load washer permium assure you of clean and fresh-smelling clothes with Toshiba’s innovative features that offers better washing experience. With an 7kg capacity, it's suited to medium-sized households. You can pick any of the My cycles programes for clean clothes in a hurry – each one delivers great results in less than an hour. To save water and energy, this model features Great Waves Technology which is developed based on Flush Wave and Cold Wash, which leads to a great saving and color protecting performance for laundry. And also feuters ColorAliveis, developed based on Eco-Cold Wash, which has the remarkable performance on color protecting, leads to the decoloring degree decreased by 39% and clothing deformation decreased by 45%.


The science of washing requires an intuitive combination of water flow and suitable turbulence.Unique to Toshiba washers, GreatWaves uses an s-type paddle, crystal inner drum, larger drum diameter and intuitive machine control to deliver meticulous and innovative actions. The technology generates a perfect washing action to break and remove stubborn stains while maintaining the quality of your fabric.



Toshiba's laundry products are the result of more than 95 years of expertise and understanding of fabric fibers and their nature. Toshiba's Color Alive technology protects fabrics and preserves their colors, reducing discoloration by 39% and deformation by 45%, as well as saving up power by 70%. Additionally, the user-centered innovation enables the same results with cold wash.



Toshiba's Real Inverter motor is designed to create higher efficiency, reduce noise levels and reduce energy consumption. The extraordinary motor efficiency surge can provide up to 80% less energy consumption* and 11.4% lower noise levels.