Toshiba Top Load Washer 10Kg with Ultra Fine Bubble Wash 8 Programs Silver


Toshiba Top Load Washer 10Kg with Ultra Fine Bubble Wash 8 Programs Silver

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TOSHIBA’s Most Fine Quality Top Load Washing, AW-UK1100HUPBB(SG) is equipped with superior innovative technology and convenient design. The Toshiba Top Load Washer is powered by the Ultra Fine Bubble technology, which uses nano-sized bubbles to allow the detergent to surround, penetrate and remove stains from the fibers of your clothes.

Combining three powerful waves for thorough and thoughtful washing, the Great Waves Technology features Flush Wave, Cold Wash and Color Alive to ensure that each and every load of laundry yields greater savings and enhanced color protection for your favorite fabrics.

Experience smart self-cleaning solutions with the I-Clean function that reduces bacterial contamination through your washer’s automatic cleaning mode as it greatly contributes to the overall maintenance of your washer.


Removing dirt and stains that are engrained into the fabric is one of the big challenges washing machines face. Toshiba's unique Ultra Fine Bubble technology is designed to generate nano-sized air bubbles that are 10 to 200 times smaller than standard fabric gaps. The bubbles penetrate deep into the fabric to remove stubborn dirt and stains and leave your laundry clean and refreshed.



The science of washing requires an intuitive combination of water flow and suitable turbulence. Unique to Toshiba washers, GreatWaves uses an s-type paddle, crystal inner drum, larger drum diameter and intuitive machine control to deliver meticulous and innovative actions. The technology generates a perfect washing action to break and remove stubborn stains while maintaining the quality of your fabric.